Player Bonus in ”AFC Champions League™ 2022" Tour Event
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For Player Bonus to be applied in the ongoing ”AFC Champions League™ 2022" Tour Event, the players' club teams must be affiliated with "AFC Champions League".

As such, if the players' club teams are of a different league affiliation, Player Bonus will not be applied even if the team names are the same.

*You can check the affiliation of players' club teams under [eFootball™ World] > [My Team] > [Players] > [Player Details], or [eFootball™ World] > [Contract] > [Standard Player List] > [Players] > [Player Details]. If the ”AFC Champions League" logo is shown, the Player Bonus will apply. On the other hand, if the logo of a league is shown, the Bonus will not apply.

We hope you continue enjoying eFootball™ 2023.