New Update File (v2.0.0) Available (1/4)
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A new update file (v2.0.0) is now available.
See below for details.

■ Additional Features
・ Changed selectable teams in Trial Match
・ Renaming and deleting Game Plans
・ More filter options for [My Team] > [Players]
・ More filter options for [Contract] > [Standard Player List]
・ The option to select National Teams as Base Team
・ Checking other users' Game Plan information under their User Details
・ The "By Player Bonus (Stats)" option under [Auto-pick players] in Game Plan for Tour Events
・ The "By Player Bonus (Team Playstyle)" option under [Auto-pick players] in Game Plan for Tour Events
・ The "AI-controlled" option for Tour Event matches
・ Tips for new commands

■ Updates and Additions
・ Added the newly-licenced Liga BBVA MX (Mexico)
・ Updated new season data for leagues around the world
・ Added 6 new stadiums
The following data have also been updated:
・ Player photos and graphics
・ Manager photos
・ Strips
・ Pitch-side advertising boards
・ Media backdrops, stadium staff tabards and corner flags
・ Boots
・ Goalkeeper's Gloves
・ Balls
・ Commentary
・ Music
・ Cinematics and animations
・ Photos
・ Avatar images
*Some data will not be updated in this new season data update. Those data will be updated in a patch file at a later date.

■ Discontinued Licences
The following licences will no longer be available.

・ Turkish League
・ Italian League (Top Division)
・ Italian Domestic Cup and Supercup

National Teams
・ Turkey
・ Peru

Club Teams
・ All Turkish League clubs
・ Juventus
・ Cremonese
・ Lecce
・ Bordeaux
・ Athletico Paranaense
・ Vasco da Gama

Players and managers
・ All Turkish League players and managers
・ All Turkey national team players and managers
・ Juventus manager
・ Cremonese manager
・ Lecce manager
・ All Bordeaux players and managers
・ All Athletico Paranaense players
・ All Vasco da Gama players