New Update File (v2.0.0) Available (4/4)
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A new update file (v2.0.0) is now available.
See below for details.

■ General Fixes Applied to Mitigate or Eliminate the Bugs Shown Below
・ In online matches, the match may resume with the Game Plan Auto Settings screen still being displayed as the time limit runs out
・ Information regarding "Series" of players are not available in the in-match Game Plan screen
・ During online matches, a different Camera Settings than the one configured may be reflected instead
・ In [Camera Settings], tapping the "Back" button repeatedly may result in frequent switches between the Camera Settings screen and the blue background
・ During goal celebrations, if one finger is held down on the screen, the celebration cutscene cannot be skipped by tapping the screen with the other finger
・ The post-match Exp. Gain screen is displayed even if there are no Experience Points gained
・ In Friend Match, the edited team name is not displayed under Match History
・ In Friend Match, player injuries will still occur even after setting "Injuries" to "Off"
・ In Friend Match, accessing User Details will see the user's own details being displayed instead of the opponent's
・ In Game Plan, the Reserves menu remains active even if there are no Reserves player registered
・ In Game Plan, viewing the Player Details of a Reserves player will see the scroll position of the Reserves list being reset
・When the Card View display is selected under [My Team] > [Players], scrolling to the top or the bottom of the list will disable the "Rotate" option temporarily
・ When performing contract renewals under [My Team] > [Players], selecting a player after sorting in the order of [Duration of Contract] will see the Player Card of a different player being erroneously displayed
・ In the player details screen, the name of the column that displays information regarding Team Playstyle Proficiency is erroneously titled "Team Playstyle"
・ When putting a Lock on a manager whilst possessing more than 4 managers in the team, the Lock icon will appear momentarily on the other managers displayed in the back
・ In [Standard Player List] or [Manager List], mismatches between the displayed region names and images will occur when filtering players/managers with the "Nationality/Region" option
・ When tapping an inactive menu, the menu sound effects may erroneously play
・ In instances where tapping the screen does not trigger screen transitions, menu sound effects may still erroneously play
・ In [Game Settings] > [Audio], environmental sounds may still be played in-match even if the [Stadium] option is set to 0
・ After setting Control Type to "Classic" in certain languages, the "Pressure button" is not mentioned in the "GK Dash" command guide under [Extras] > [Help] > [Command List] > [Defence]
・When Control Type is set to "Standard", the buttons displayed in the "Pressure" command tutorial video are incorrect
・ When a player receives a yellow card in the Tutorial match, the yellow card icon is not displayed next to the player's name
・ In the command tutorial for "Match-up", the displayed command feedback is different than the command performed
・ During Free Training, the entire screen may go black except for the UI displays
・ In the "Dribbling" and "Pressing" command tutorials, the "Opponent scored" message is erroneously displayed after the ball goes into either of the goals

■ Global Improvements
・ Implemented changes to the positioning of buttons for "Classic" Control Type settings
・Players registered in Game Plan can be released directly, with an alert message indicating "You have selected a player in your Game Plan"
・ Various measures were taken to prevent manipulation of match results decision through ending online matches by impromper means
・ A variety of minor adjustments have been made to each mode and to matches, with the aim of improving the overall gaming experience