Known Issues

See below for a list of issues recently confirmed by the dev team.

・ Players with a Live Update Rating of "A" or "B" along with a "Normal" Form may rarely have a "Poor" (Downward right arrow) in-match Condition

・ For certain devices, the application may crash after landing on the screen where multiple Player Cards are displayed

・ Certain user-owned managers' Team Playstyle Proficiency and Coaching Affinity data are being updated and overwritten during matches
As a result, those managers may have a different Team Playstyle Proficiency and Coaching Affinity during matches than the ones displayed in the pre-match Game Plan
*Please check your team's Team Playstyle Level during matches instead of through the pre-match Game Plan screen.
*We suggest you to check your team's Team Playstyle Level during a VS AI match in Tour Event as there are no time restrictions. Moreover, you will also be able to substitute your players around and see how it would affect your team's Team Playstyle Level.

・ In Premium Objectives, the phrase that indicates the Objective period is erroneously expressed as "Competition Schedule" in certain languages
*The time period displayed is correct.

・ Regarding users that are playing the game with data carried over from eFootball PES 2021 mobile, multiple copies of the same player may be registered in [Game Plan] for Dream Team. As such, irregularities may occur in terms of the number of players on-pitch, player positions and players registered.
This issue can be avoided by selecting [Game Plan] > [Auto-pick players] with 18 or more eligible players (i.e. players whose Duration of Contract are valid) in your team. Please ensure that there are at least 18 distinct players of different names registered in your Game Plan before selecting [Auto-pick players].
To renew a player's contract, a Contract Renewal item is needed. The above workaround can also be applied by including certain eligible players signed with 0 GP in the Standard Player List.

・ Players' "Duration of Contract" is erroneously displayed after matching with an opponent via [Dream Team] > [Online Quick Match]
Please check your players' Duration of Contract through other means.

・ On some devices, players from Substitutes and Reserves cannot be switched
As a workaround for this issue, be sure to initiate all substitutions from the Starting Lineup. This should see the players being switched correctly as intended.

We are currently hard at work on fixes for all known issues.
See the notice released along with each update to check which issues have been fixed.
We apologise for any inconvenience this may cause.