Known Issues

Update (13/05/2022)

Known Issues

・ Some commands may become erroneous after assigning [Player Movement] to directional buttons in [Game Settings]

・ Player-specific motions for Legendary players are not triggered during a match

・ Erroneous message regarding Promotion Rewards is displayed in eFootball™ League. This is triggered when clinching a promotion on the 10th match of the Round to a Division in which you had already received a First-Time Promotion Reward from

The description texts for managers with the Coaching Affinity of "Young Players" is erroneous. This issue only occurs when the Text Language is set to "Português do Brasil (Brazilian Portuguese)".

Correct: Match Experience Points gained by players under 24 years old is increased by 100%

Erroneous: Match Experience Points gained by players 24 years old and above is increased by 100%

・ Erroneous information is displayed in [Extras] > [Help] > [General Information] > [Foil]. You cannot sign Foil players from the Special Player List

・ When using the "Receive All" function while having multiple Nominating Contracts of the same grade in the Inbox, the number of Nominating Contracts owned are reflected incorrectly in the display on the right side of the screen

This is a display-only issue, and the correct number will be displayed when the Inbox is re-opened.

・ Stunning Kicks do not work for through balls and chipped through balls if you set the Manual Pass Level to Level 4

・ Stunning Kicks do not cause the power gauge to change colour if you set the Manual Pass Level to Level 4

・ Erroneous information in [Extras] > [Help] > [Command List] > [Defence] > [Goalkeeper Controls] > [Auto Positioning]

When performing the command, hold [L2] instead of holding [×].

・ Erroneous information in the in-match "Downward Header" command guide

The correct information is as follows:

When the ball is in the air near the goal, performing a "Stunning Shot" with a more than half-full Power Gauge will increase the likelihood of a downward header towards the goal.

・ Erroneous display of player icon backgrounds

This may occur after developing certain Standard players to maximum level.

We apologise for any inconvenience caused.