New Update (v3.4.0) Available (3/3)
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A new update (v3.4.0) is now available.
See below for details.

〇 AI
・ Implemented adjustments so that players will now avoid colliding with teammates or coming into contact with a shot taken by a teammate in a more adequate manner.
・ Implemented adjustments so that if "Attack/Defence Level" is set to "On" under Automatic Match Support, the Attack/Defence Level will not be changed at the start of the match. Changes will still be made according to the situation during the match; the same applies to the Attack/Defence Level changes of the AI opposition.

〇 Fouls
・ Implemented adjustments for fairer foul decisions with regard to the circumstances.
・ Implemented adjustments to the decision-making aspect of calling advantages in foul situations, as previously advantages may be stopped in lieu for foul calls even in scenarios where attacking chances were likely to accrue.

〇 Controls
・ Adjusted the positioning of players in Match-ups.
・ Implemented adjustments so that the cursor will switch to a more appropriate player in defensive situations.
・ Implemented adjustments so that when performing a short corner, taller players and players who are strong in the air are less likely to be selected as players approaching the taker.
・ Fixed the issue where, during set pieces such as free kicks, players may dash when moving from an area of encroachment even though a Dash input was not performed.
・ Fixed the issue where a player's response to a command input may be slow, even if he has already appeared to have regained his footing from a stumbling body position.
・ Fixed the issue where after performing a kick feint command, pass commands could not be inputted until the player has touched the ball.
・ Fixed the issue where the player would continue running forward with the Power Gauge still being displayed, in situations such as a loss of possession right after a kick input.

〇 Other Gameplay Enhancements
・ Fixed the issue where, when players made contact with each other, they could unnaturally get stuck on the other player and not be able to move.
・ Fixed the issue where a player in dribble may lose the ball for jumping to avoid a sliding tackle in the opposition's penalty area.
・ Fixed the issue where the ball may bounce unnaturally after coming into contact with a player, for example upon being blocked.
・ A variety of other adjustments have been made to improve the overall match experience.

■ General Fixes Applied to Mitigate or Eliminate the Bugs Shown Below
・ When checking Player Details from the pre-match or in-match Game Plan, the "Type" field of certain players appears blank.
・ The frame of some Player Cards from "POTW: European Club Championship" (available from 29/02/2024) appears green in colour in certain screens.
・ Several Objective names contained erroneous information in English.