New Update (v3.0.0) Available(3/6)
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A new update (v3.0.0) is now available.

See below for details.

〇 Kicking

・ Implemented adjustments to alleviate the issue of players taking an extra touch instead of playing one-touch passes and one-touch shots after a kick input.

・ Implemented adjustments so that more appropriate kick motions will now be triggered in order to reduce the frequency of players attempting shots with a seemingly unnatural body position.

・ Previously, when kicking the ball after a "Knock-on" input, the speed of the kick would sometimes become too fast. As such, the kick speed of these kicks has now been slightly reduced.

・ Fixed the issue where, if the ball was far from the player's feet, an incorrect kicking motion would sometimes be performed. Specifically, the motion for kicking the ball far away would be performed, even if the player wanted to kick the ball towards a closer target, which resulted in poor response.

・ Implemented adjustments so that players' special kicking motions are triggered based on the raw values of Player Stats instead of other factors like Condition etc.

・ Fixed an issue where players would sometimes score an own goal when trying to clear the ball in an unnatural body position.

〇 Defence

・ Adjusted the positioning of players so that it is now easier to reclaim possession when applying pressure.

・ Adjusted the positioning of players in Match-ups.

・ Fixed an issue where players were sometimes slow to get up after performing a block.

・ Adjustments have been made to the situational judgement of players in order to avoid clearly unreasonable blocks.

・ Adjustments have been made to blocks, and more specifically the ball behaviour with respect to the players' Abilities. The coverage area of blocks is now correlated with the "Defensive Awareness" Player Stat and the "Blocker" and "Interceptor" Player Skills. On the other hand, the ease of ball recovery after a block attempt is now correlated with the "Tackling" Player Stat and the "Blocker" Player Skill.

〇 Goalkeeper

・ Re-implemented adjustments to ensure that goalkeepers will make the appropriate decision to catch an oncoming ball in the air in appropriate scenarios, as previously they may instead elect to punch the ball away.

・ Fixed an issue where the goalkeeper would sometimes not take any action after coming off his line.

・ Fixed an issue where the goalkeeper would miss a back pass which results in an own goal.

・ Fixed an issue where the trajectory of a punt kick from the goalkeeper would sometimes be excessively off course.