New Update File (v2.3.0) Available (1/2)
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A new update file (v2.3.0) is now available.
More information is provided below.

■ Updates and Additions
・ Updated the player roster for certain Campeonato Brasileiro (Brazilian League) clubs.
・ Updated various player and manager data.

The following data has also been updated:
・ Uniforms
・ Field-side advertising boards
・ Media backdrops
・ Cleats
・ Commentary
・ Photos

■ Gameplay Fixes and Adjustments
〇 Dribbling
・ Implemented adjustments so that players will be less likely to move away from the ball when they make contact with an opponent while dribbling.
・ Implemented adjustments to enhance maneuverability following a Sharp Touch.
・ Implemented adjustments regarding body contacts so that a Shield will only be triggered when within a certain distance from the opposing player.
・ Implemented adjustments so that when inputting a ball touch command as well as a Shield command at times of ball contention, the ball touch command input will now be prioritized and instances of possession loss due to the Shield command being prioritized will be reduced.

〇 Passing
・ Implemented adjustments so that when inputting a pass command, a more adequate target will be selected with respect to the directional input and Power Gauge input.
・ Implemented adjustments so that through passes will now be played towards spaces that are harder for defenders to intercept with respect to the opposition players' positioning and direction of movement.
・ Implemented adjustments so that when a player makes body contact as he jumps for a header, it is now less likely for the player to lose his balance.

〇 Traps
・ Implemented adjustments so that players will now move to an adequate position in anticipation of oncoming midair balls in a quicker manner.
・ In scenarios where a directional input is performed at the same time with a cross command just before the player traps the ball, the directional key input could be registered as a ball touch direction instead of a cross direction, which causes the player to make an unnecessary turn. As such, adjustments were implemented so that when players try to trap the ball at a certain speed, these combinations of command inputs will not affect the direction of the imminent ball touch, and the player will play a cross right after taking a touch.

〇 Defense
・ Implemented adjustments to the triggering conditions of blocking motions when defending oncoming shots or crosses.
・ Fixed the issue regarding man-marking where players' positioning may be unnatural when the opposition is attacking deep in the team's own half.
・ Implemented adjustments regarding man-marking so that players will now position themselves more adequately, with respect to the opposition ball holder's position.
・ Implemented adjustments to the positioning of players during a Match-up.

〇 Fouls
・ Fixed the issue regarding offside decisions where if a foul is committed immediately after an offside as a result of body contact, the subsequent foul is prioritized and hence a foul is called instead of the offside.
・ Fixed the issue regarding foul decisions where a foul may be called if the player who is first to the ball makes a slight body contact with the opposition player in a degree that should not amount to a foul.

〇 AI
・ Fixed the issue regarding vs AI Matches where Match-ups performed in defensive scenarios by the AI-controlled team may sometimes be unnatural.
・ Fixed the issue where players with the "Anchor Man" Playing Style may position themselves in an unnaturally forward position in the opposition half during offensive scenarios, even if all other opposition players have tracked back into their own half.
・ Fixed the issue where players with the "Anchor Man" Playing Style may chase the opposition ball holder all the way to a forward position during defensive scenarios.
・ Implemented adjustments so that players with the "Track Back" Playing Style will go into wider positions in attempts to gain back possession during defensive scenarios.