eFootball™ Coins Purchase Issue

We have observed an ongoing issue regarding eFootball™ Coins purchases. Specifically, when attempting to purchase eFootball™ Coins, the following error message may be displayed, and users may not be able to complete the purchase:

You have reached the maximum number of allowed purchases.

If you experience this issue, there is a chance that the transaction process for your most recent eFootball™ Coins purchase was not completed successfully.

In that case, please contact us by selecting [General Contact] from the menu icon on the Title Screen.

When submitting an inquiry, please provide the following information in the [Inquiry Details] field to help us better assist you.

・ Clearly state that your inquiry is about a "purchase limit error"
・ Order number issued by the Store at the timing of your eFootball™ Coins purchase (starts with GPA)
・ Date and time of purchase
・ Transaction amount

We apologize for any inconveniences caused.