New Update File (v2.2.0) Details (2/3)
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A new update file (v2.2.0) will be available on 11/16/2022.
More information is provided below.

〇 Passing
・ Increased the overall speed of low passes.
・ Implemented adjustments for low passes so that the cursor will now switch to a more suitable teammate.
・ Implemented adjustments so that a more suitable kicking motion will be triggered when attempting a pass near opposing players.
・ Implemented adjustments for through passes so that passes will now be played towards a position that is easier for the teammate to receive.
・ Fixed the issue regarding loose ball situations where kicks and passes cannot be performed even if the player is first to the ball.
・ Implemented adjustments so that when playing low passes with Manual Pass Level set to "3", the passing speed is now completely dependent on the Power Gauge input with no further assistance added.

〇 Shooting
・ Implemented enhancements to players with the Player Skill "Dipping Shot" or "Rising Shot" so that attempts of those shots will be more accurate.
・ Implemented adjustments so that when attempting a shot with the ball in midair, both a normal shot and a Stunning Shot attempt will now trigger a dipping trajectory.
・ Implemented enhancements to the accuracy of first-time shots off low passes from diagonally behind.
・ Implemented adjustments so that when attempting a shot against an empty goal, the shot-on-target rate is now higher.

〇 Defense
・ Implemented adjustments so that the cursor will switch to a more appropriate player in defensive situations.
・ Implemented adjustments so that the cursor will switch to a more appropriate player when defending oncoming midair balls such as lofted passes and clearances.
・ Fixed the issue where directional inputs are not thoroughly reflected during a Match-up in defensive situations.
・ Fixed the issue where players who perform man-marking during a corner kick may not deal with the oncoming ball in an adequate manner.
・ Fixed the issue where defending players may unnaturally move away from the goal right after the corner kick is taken.

〇 Goalkeeper
・ Implemented adjustments so that in the case of penalty kicks, it is now easier for goalkeepers to save swift shots or shots towards the edge of the goal and parry them away from the goal.

〇 Other Gameplay Enhancements
・ Implemented adjustments so that the player who makes the run in a 1-2 Pass (Forwards) will no longer decelerate unnecessarily.
・ Implemented adjustments so that teammates who make forward runs will now take the offside line and the ball holder's body position into account, and adequately decide to decelerate or to stay put.
・ Implemented adjustments to the positioning of players for the Team Playstyle "Out Wide", so that teammates will not move too far forward and run a greater risk against counterattacks.
・ Implemented adjustments to the positioning of players so that players placed in the middle of the park in Game Plan will be less likely to venture into a wide position. On the same note, players placed on the flanks will be more likely to stay in a wide position.
・ Fixed the issue where players appointed with a [Deep Line] role under [Individual Instructions] in Game Plan would wrongly swap positions when defending.
・ Implemented adjustments so that it is now easier for teammates in the midfield to position themselves in an open space.
・ Implemented adjustments so that fullbacks will now attempt overlapping runs in an adequate frequency in line with the configured Team Playstyle, as well as their positioning when they are on the opposite side of the ball.
・ Fixed the issue where shoulder charges from a seemingly illegal angle, such as diagonally behind, are not called as fouls.
・ Fixed the issue regarding throw-ins where teammates on the other side of the pitch may go across the field and make themselves available for the throw.
・ Implemented adjustments so that players will adequately dodge away from teammates and their oncoming shots.
・ Implemented adjustments to the behavior of teammates when the cursor is switched to the goalkeeper.