eFootball™ 2022 Gameplay Survey

We have received a lot of improvement requests and opinions regarding the current state of eFootball™ 2022 from all of you.
We are listening to all your voices and working hard to make improvements to the game.
To that end, we would like to ask you to fill in this survey that will help us understand which features we should focus our attention on at the moment.
This survey has a total of 108 questions that should take around 10 minutes to answer. We hope you will kindly agree to participate.
Lastly, please understand that the information gathered here will not be reflected in the next update, but we will bring these improvements to you in future updates.

10/26/2021 02:00 - 10/29/2021 01:59 (UTC)

*Note that the survey is only available in Japanese and English this time. We plan to continue doing surveys in the near future and will make sure they are created in multiple languages.