Large-Scale Maintenance Notice
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Today marks the end of Season 1, along with its events and campaigns.
We will now begin a large-scale maintenance to prepare for the v1.1.0 update and Season 2.

・ Maintenance Period
Date and time: 05/29/2022 22:00 (UTC) - 06/02/2022, ending time to be confirmed (maintenance ending times may differ according to your region/country)

*The maintenance period may be extended if necessary.

・ Purpose of Maintenance
Bring improvements to online PvP matches, including a better decision algorithm for victory/defeat and more servers. Furthermore, we plan to prepare the servers for features that will be released in the future, such as sharing play data between the console and mobile versions.

・ What Can I do During Maintenance?
During maintenance, you will be able to play Trial Matches using a selected pool of Authentic Teams. Furthermore, we plan to add the "Beginner" difficulty and the "10 min." match time options.

As a token of apology for any inconvenience caused by this maintenance, we will send 300 eFootball™ Coins to all users that have created an account by 05/29/2022 21:59 (UTC).
*The 300 eFootball™ Coins will become available after the 05/19/2022 maintenance.
*Make sure to claim items from your Inbox before they expire.

・ Season 2 Start Date
Season 2 is planned to kick off on 06/16/2022, roughly 2 weeks after the large-scale maintenance. We still plan to hold a plethora of events in the meantime, so don't forget to tune into the game.

・ Notes
Online PvP matches will be unavailable around 20 minutes before maintenance begins.
An online PvP match that is being played when maintenance starts will be rendered void and will not count towards your stats.

We understand that extended periods of maintenance can be extremely frustrating, but we promise you that it will be well worth the wait once you experience all the amazing new content coming in the latest update.