Known Issues
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See the following list of issues recently confirmed by the dev team.

・ In the Match Room of Co-op PvP Events, after the Owner selects [To Match] and the timer reaches 0 seconds while a user other than the Owner is viewing the Match History screen, the user who has the Match History screen open will be unable to progress to matchmaking and the game will become inoperable.
*The issue can be prevented by having users who are not the Match Room Owner refrain from opening the Match History screen after the Owner has selected [To Match].
*If your game became inoperable due to this issue, please restart it.
*The Match Rooms in which this issue takes place will not be able to proceed to matchmaking. Please create another Match Room to solve this issue.

・ Achievement statuses of in-match Objectives may be tallied more times than actual.

・ After scoring a goal in Time Attack Event, the "Objective Completed" notification may be displayed more than once.
*Please be noted that this is a display-only issue, and you will not be able to receive the same Objective Rewards multiple times.

・ The explanation text in [Shop] > [eFootball™ Coins] > [Details] > [Check eFootball™ Coins] states that all history from the beginning of the month 7 months ago to the current date is shown.
*In reality, only history from the beginning of the month 3 months ago to the current date is shown.

We are currently hard at work on fixes for all known issues.
Read the notice released along with each update to see which issues have been fixed.
We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.