Known Issues
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See the following list of issues recently confirmed by the dev team.

・ After scoring a goal in Time Attack Event, the "Objective Completed" notification may be displayed more than once.
*Please be noted that this is a display-only issue, and you will not be able to receive the same Objective Rewards multiple times.

・ For the "BLUE LOCK Collaboration" Campaign Objectives (began on 03/21/2024), the GP icon may instead be displayed after completing Objectives with Avatars as rewards.
*This is a display-only issue, and users are able to receive the reward as intended.

・ In Time Attack Events, the final page of the ranking cannot be displayed.
*If your ranking is located on the final page, you can select "My Ranking" to see your ranking displayed.

・ When inputting defensive commands during free kicks, the attacking Command Settings are applied instead.

We are currently hard at work on fixes for all known issues.
Read the notice released along with each update to see which issues have been fixed.
We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.