New Update (v3.3.0) Available
Steam Windows10

A new update (v3.3.0) is now available.
More information is provided below.

■ Feature Addition and Changes
・ Contents of Packs will be reflected directly and immediately after purchase.

■ Updates and Additions
・ Added various data of the Korean League.
・ Updated licenses.

The following data has also been updated:
・ Team data
・ Player photos, graphics, and data
・ Manager photos and data
・ Uniforms
・ Cleats
・ Club emblems
・ Media backdrops, stadium staff vests, and corner flags
・ Cinematics and animations
・ Commentary

■ New Season Data Updates
The team structures of the following leagues have been updated with data from the new season.
・ Argentine League
・ Campeonato Betsson
・ Colombian League

■ Global Improvements
・ A variety of minor adjustments have been made to each mode and to matches with the aim of improving the overall gaming experience.

■ General Fixes Applied to Mitigate or Eliminate the Bugs Shown Below
・ The goalkeeper in Daily Game can be changed by performing certain controls.
・ When reaching the final space of Daily Game, the animation of the ball icon entering the goal may not be displayed correctly.
・ Going to [Home] > [Daily Game] > [Lap Reward Overview] from the Top Menu and checking the details of the player shown in the list will display an erroneous Player Stats. This issue may be triggered if you sign a single player via [Shop] > [Packs] or if you claim a player from your Inbox before performing the above steps.
・ When playing Daily Game after playing Training with an Authentic Team, the penalty taker may not be displayed correctly.
・ Erroneous information is found under [Extras] > [Help] > [General Information] > [Objective].
*We would like to clarify that following v3.0.0, in-match Objectives can now be completed even with [Player Controls] set to [AI-controlled].
・ The Player Cards included in Daily Game Lap Rewards may not be displayed correctly.