[Important] League Regulation Changes
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As part of the v3.3.0 update, promotions and relegations within MEIJI YASUDA J1 LEAGUE and MEIJI YASUDA J2 LEAGUE will be reflected, and the number of participating teams in these leagues will also be changed.

MEIJI YASUDA J1 LEAGUE: 18 teams → 20 teams
MEIJI YASUDA J2 LEAGUE: 22 teams → 20 teams

Users who have started My League with a MEIJI YASUDA J1 LEAGUE or MEIJI YASUDA J2 LEAGUE team prior to v3.3.0 can continue playing My League with the previous league structure. If you want to play in the updated league structure, you must follow the steps below and select "Change Team".

[Home] > [Match] > [My League] > [Settings] > [Change Team]

Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.