[Update] Team Playstyle Proficiency Issue
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Posted on 11/13/2023
We would like to provide some supplementary information on the previous notice.

The aforementioned issue is confirmed to have been occurring in all online User Matches with Dream Team. Also note that although players' Abilities should vary depending on the appointed manager's Team Playstyle Proficiency and are indicated as such in [Game Plan], we have confirmed that players' Abilities in-match are the same as those that can be found in [Dream Team: My Team] > [Players] with no additional changes applied.
*The Booster effects of managers are reflected correctly.
*Players' Abilities indicated in [Game Plan] are reflected as intended in VS AI matches and other non-PvP matches.

Fixes for this issue are expected to be implemented in an update in early December.

After implementing the fixes, we will be sending all users 50,000 GP as compensation for the issue.
Also, users who purchased the following Packs until the fixes have been implemented will receive 100 eFootball™ Coins for each Pack purchased as a token of apology.

Club Pack: FC Barcelona 23-24 (Oct)
Club Pack: FC Bayern München 23-24 (Oct)
Club Pack: Manchester United FC 23-24 (Oct)
Club Pack: AC Milan 23-24 (Oct)
Club Pack: Internazionale Milano 23-24 (Oct)
Club Pack: Arsenal FC 23-24 (Oct)

Once again, we apologize sincerely for any inconvenience.

Posted on 11/02/2023
We are aware of an ongoing issue where managers' Team Playstyle Proficiencies are not functioning as intended in online User Matches. As a result, the indicated Player Stats changes are not being reflected in-match.

We plan to fix this issue in an upcoming update.

We sincerely apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.