New Update (v3.1.0) Available(2/2)
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A new update (v3.1.0) is now available.
More information is provided below.

〇 Fouls
・ Fixed the issue where fouls are not correctly called when a collision occurs between your player and an opponent player that kicked the ball while being off balance.

〇 AI
・ Implemented adjustments so that players will adequately dodge away from nearby teammates.
・ Fixed an issue where defenders are unable to keep up against the ball-holder under certain conditions. This issue is triggered if the option "AI-controlled" is selected for [Match Settings] > [Player Controls] in Events.

■ Global Improvements
・ A variety of minor adjustments have been made to each mode and to matches with the aim of improving the overall gaming experience.

■ General Fixes Applied to Mitigate or Eliminate the Bugs Shown Below
・ The Career Objective "Develop Players to Max Level" is not completed when a player reaches his max level via the Player Action "Legacy Transfer".
・ After performing Legacy Transfer under [Dream Team] > [Game Plan], transitioning to the Managers page in [Tactics] > [Change Manager] may result in the "Finished Legacy Transfer" alert message being displayed again.
・ Career Objectives may be completed even if the completion conditions have not been achieved.
・ The match may be resumed unintentionally during a Quick Restart. This may be triggered when attempting a restart in your own 18-yard box, and is caused by a non-kick taker accidentally touching the ball.
・ Results of Penalty Shootouts may be displayed incorrectly in certain languages.
・ Preset Tactics changes cannot be performed during a Quick Restart.
・ When users create or enter a Match Room in [eFootball™ World] > [Dream Team] > [Match] > [Friend Match] > [Create 1 vs 1 Match Room] with an empty spot in their Game Plan, selecting [To Match] after filling that spot within the Match Room may result in the message "You can join the next match once this one has ended." being displayed, and users may fail to proceed to match.
・ The "In It Together" goal celebration prompt seems to disappear in Co-op matches. This is triggered if an user that was not the goal-scorer chooses to skip the performance.
・ Certain players may miss the ball when attempting to perform a Stunning kick command.
・ The goalkeeper fails to clear or trap a ball that was punted backwards from a teammate that is close to the half-way line, resulting in an own goal.