eFootball™ Coins Price Adjustment Notice (08/17/2023)

*This notice is for users who use the Google Play Store in the following Countries/Regions (currencies).

・ Cambodia (USD)
・ Bahrain (USD)
・ Ecuador (USD)
・ El Salvador (USD)
・ Oman (USD)
・ Kuwait (USD)
・ Cayman Islands (USD)
・ Turks and Caicos Islands (USD)
・ Bermuda (USD)
・ Panama (USD)
・ Micronesia (USD)
・ British Virgin Islands (USD)

Due to exchange rate fluctuations and other factors, the price of eFootball™ Coins was changed on 08/17/2023.
Please note that the price of eFootball™ Coins may change again in the future.

We hope you continue enjoying eFootball™ 2023.