[Important] Inactive Save Data Removal Process
All devices

In accordance with the Terms of Use for eFootball™ 2023, we are going to remove the save data of users who have not been active in the game for the past 6 months. The save data that is subject to removal includes data that has not been played for a significant period of time and, hence, is deemed highly unlikely to be played again in the future, such as data with signed players but without any match history (including VS AI matches).
The removal process is scheduled to take place during the large-scale maintenance between late August and September. We will disclose the exact timetable of the removal process at a later date.

If the above applies to you and you want to keep your save data, please make sure to log into the game and proceed to claim the Login Bonus before the removal process takes place.

*Once your save data has been removed, you will no longer be able to continue playing with that save data. If you want to play the game again, you will need to start as a new user.
*The data cannot be retrieved once removed.