eFootball™ 2024 Update!
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In preparation for the new season, we will be updating eFootball™ 2023 to eFootball™ 2024 (v3.0.0) between mid-August and September.
eFootball™ 2024 will include data updates to reflect promotions/relegations of domestic leagues and player transfers.

■ In-Game Asset and Other Data Carryover
The following in-game assets will be carried over.
・ eFootball™ Coins
・ eFootball™ Points
・ GP (Max 999,999,999)
・ Nominating Contract
・ Chance Deal
・ Contract Renewal (60 Days)
・ Contract Renewal (10 Days)
・ Training Program
・ Skill Training Program
・ Special Uniform
・ Settings

The carryover status for the followings may differ depending on various factors. See official website for more information.
・ Base Team
・ Players
・ Managers
・ Avatar
・ Objectives

■ Regarding Team Playstyle Proficiency
From v3.0.0 onwards, "Team Playstyle Level" will no longer be a gameplay element. As such, players will no longer have "Team Playstyle Proficiency", and their Abilities will no longer be increased or decreased according to the Team Playstyle of choice. This will allow users to play matches freely using any Team Playstyle.
As such, players with Progression Points allocated to "Team Playstyle Proficiency" will have those Points returned to them at the timing of the v3.0.0 update.
*Details regarding the changes to Team Playstyle Level and managers' Team Playstyle Proficiency will be made available in future update announcements.

■ Regarding player portraits of Standard Player Cards at max Level
Currently, there is a functionality where some Standard Player Cards receive a different card design once they reach their max level. However, this functionality will no longer be available in eFootball™ 2024 (v3.0.0).
This change will also affect the Standard Player Cards you currently possess, as they will be reverted to the default portrait that was displayed when they were first acquired.

■ Large-scale maintenance for License Update
We are planning to implement a large-scale maintenance between mid-August/September to undergo the in-game data and other asset carryover process.
The majority of "Standard" players signed in eFootball™ 2023 will have their affiliations and photos updated.
In addition, players that are no longer available in eFootball™ 2024 (v3.0.0) will be replaced with in-game items of equivalent value.

*Please note that the aforementioned information is tentative, and we will be releasing more details as soon as possible.

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