New Update File (v2.6.0) Available (1/3)
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A new update (v2.6.0) is now available.

More information is provided below.

■ Additional Features

・ Added a new feature "Co-op" to "Friend Match" in Dream Team for users to play cooperative matches.

・ Added a new feature in Player Progression that enables users to reset players' Progression Points allocation using GP.

・ Increased the number of Substitutes in Dream Team from 7 players to 12 players.

・ Matches played in "Online Quick Match" and "Friend Match" will now count towards "Match Pass" progression.

・ Added "League" as a player filter option in several menus.

・ Updated selectable Authentic Teams in "Trial Match" and "Friend Match".

・ Implemented changes so that when playing vs AI matches with Player Controls set to "AI-controlled", the half-time screen now automatically transitions to the start of the second half after a certain amount of time has elapsed.

■ Updates and Additions

The following data has also been updated:

・ Team data

・ Player photos, graphics, and data

・ Manager photos and data

・ Uniforms

・ Club emblems

・ Commentary

■ Gameplay Fixes and Adjustments

In this update, our emphasis was on correcting and adjusting areas of the game where certain situations could lead to unconvincing or unintended behaviors, without significantly changing the game balance that you have been enjoying.

〇 Passing

・ Fixed the issue where crosses may be played at a lower trajectory than expected.

〇 Traps

・ Implemented adjustments to alleviate the issue where, when attempting to control the ball in midair, it may roll over the player's body and take a long time before hitting the ground.

・ Implemented adjustments to the activation conditions of thighs and chest controls so that players can take more appropriate touches when chasing a midair ball.

・ Implemented adjustments to alleviate the issue where players may unnecessarily decelerate when controlling a ball while dashing forward.

・ Implemented adjustments to alleviate the issue where players receiving a through ball would slow down just before receiving the ball and take longer to trap the ball.

〇 Defense

・ There was an issue where, when several players made a tackle at the same time, a foul would be called on a player who was not controlled by the user, despite the user's player having made a successful tackle. To avoid this issue, adjustments were implemented so that once a tackle was successfully made, the other players would avoid tackling if possible.

・ Implemented adjustments to alleviate the issue where, when applying pressure, the ball holder is clearly trying to make the first touch but the defensive player ignores that and puts his foot towards a position where the ball is not located.

・ Fixed the issue where players may attempt unnecessary blocks on slow balls from spilled possession.