Information Regarding the eFootball™ 2023 v2.6.0 Update
All devices

We will be releasing v2.6.0 for eFootball™ 2023 on 06/08/2023.

As a token of our gratitude for your continued support, all users that have installed the update (v2.6.0) by 06/12/2023 01:59 (UTC) will receive a Chance Deal.

*After installing the update (v2.6.0), log in to the game and access your Inbox by 06/12/2023 01:59 (UTC) to claim the Chance Deal.

*The Chance Deal can be used after the launch of the update (v2.6.0) until 06/15/2023 01:59 (UTC).

We hope you continue enjoying eFootball™ 2023!