(Updated 04/14/2022)
*Page content updated.

Q1: When will more teams be available to use, other than the nine already included at launch?
In Event mode, where you play online PvP matches to win rewards, you will have a number of teams available to choose from. You will also be able to choose your favorite club as the Base Team of your Dream Team.
Furthermore, we will be making all Authentic Teams available for matches in future updates. Please stay tuned for future announcements regarding release dates. (Updated 04/14/2022)
Q2: Is there an Edit Mode?
After launch, we plan to add Edit Mode functionality as a free update for consoles and PCs. Stay tuned for future announcements for more details.
Q3: When will Master League be added to eFootball™?
Offline modes such as Master League will be available as additional downloadable content in the future. Please stay tuned for further details.
Q4: Will the quality of the console game be downgraded to the level of quality of the mobile games?
eFootball™ aims to be a platform for everyone to enjoy. The game will take full advantage of the hardware capabilities of each supported device. Therefore, users can enjoy higher quality gameplay on next-generation game consoles and high-performance gaming PCs.
Q5: Will next-gen graphics be downgraded to play against mobile users?
We will make graphical adjustments such as simplification of some stadium displays to match the specification of the mobile version, but the next-generation graphics on consoles and PC will not be downgraded.
Q6: Can we turn off or filter cross-platform matchmaking?
We plan to include multiple filters for matchmaking based on region and platform.
Q7: How will online connection quality be affected with cross-play between devices?
We will consider it carefully and make it so that differences in connections and device specifications do not affect connection quality. Furthermore, we plan to enhance matchmaking options, such as prioritizing matches between players who have a better connection quality.