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Gaming & Systems Business

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Gaming & Systems Business

Gaming Experiences
that Global Customers Love

KONAMI's Gaming & System Business develops, manufactures, distributes and services gaming machines and casino management systems for the casino market.
KONAMI first entered the gaming market in 1996, and has expanded its Gaming & System Business across the globe while securing gaming licenses in the world's major markets, including North America and Australia.
The gaming market continues to see growth with the global development and opening of new casino facilities and integrated resorts (IR) with casinos. The industry also endeavors to expand awareness among a wide range of users through online gaming, multi-station entertainment and contactless technology.
KONAMI continues to respond to such market needs by tapping into a wealth of technological capabilities and knowledge amassed over years of developing products with excellent entertainment value, with the goal of spreading the sheer joy of gaming to customers worldwide.

"DIMENSION 43x3™" Large cabinet featuring three stacked
43-inch, 4K Ultra HD screen
"DIMENSION 75C™" 75-inch, 4K Ultra HD screen in
slight "C" curve
"DIMENSION 49J™" Premium 49-inch, 4K Ultra HD
display with "J" curve
"DIMENSION 27™" Three stacked 27-inch displays
in Ultra HD
"SYNKROS®" Core system for casinos to enable real-time management of slot machine data, customer information and accounting

Approach to Globalization

North American casino operators are for the most part driving globalization by making forays into markets worldwide to tap the vigorous growth expected in new markets in Asia, Europe and South America. In response to the globalization of gaming markets, KONAMI has developed a production and sales system centered on operating bases in North America and Australia that provides a stable supply of high-quality products and services to gaming markets worldwide.

*The size of each circle on the map roughly shows
the market size of each region

Securing Gaming
Licenses Worldwide

Gaming businesses are subject to strict licensing conditions, which include requirements of honesty and integrity at the highest level of standards.
KONAMI's dedication to stringent corporate compliance has contributed to securing gaming licenses in 425(*) locations worldwide, including North America. KONAMI develops, manufactures, distributes and services a range of gaming machines and casino management systems throughout the world.
(*) As of March 2024

North America
Approved by 51 states, provinces and territories
Approved by 51 States and Provinces in the United States and Canadaclose
Date License Granted
  • Nevada (January)
  • Mississippi (October)
  • California (October)
  • New Mexico (January)
  • Arizona (January)
  • Michigan (March)
  • Indiana (May)
  • Iowa  (June)
  • Ontario, Canada (August)
  • New York (September)
  • Oregon (October)
  • Illinois (February)
  • Kansas (May)
  • Minnesota (June)
  • Puerto Rico (June)
  • Louisiana (August)
  • West Virginia (September)
  • Wisconsin (October)
  • Quebec, Canada (April)
  • North Dakota  (December)
  • Idaho (March)
  • Saskatchewan, Canada (April)
  • British Columbia, Canada  (May)
  • Manitoba, Canada (June)
  • Missouri (July)
  • New Jersey (August)
  • Connecticut (August)
  • Alberta, Canada (January)
  • Oklahoma (May)
  • Pennsylvania (May)
  • Florida (October)
  • Rhode Island (January)
  • North Carolina (May)
  • Nova Scotia, Canada (August)
  • New Brunswick, Canada (August)
  • Wyoming (February)
  • Maryland (June)
  • Colorado (January)
  • Arkansas (August)
  • Ohio (March)
  • South Dakota (March)
  • Maine (March)
  • Delaware (April)
  • Prince Edward Island, Canada (February)
  • Montana (November)
  • Massachusetts (March)
  • Saipan (June)
  • Kentucky (September)
  • Nebraska (July)
  • Alabama (December)
  • Virgin Islands (June)
Approved by all 8 states and territories in Australia
Approved by all States and Territories in Australiaclose
Date License Granted
  • New South Wales (October)
  • South Australia (October)
  • Northern Territory  (February)
  • Victoria (March)
  • Australian Capital Territory (March)
  • Queensland (June)
  • Western Australia (December)
  • Tasmania (April)
Date License Granted
Republic of South Africa
GautengDecember 1999
MpumalangaJanuary 2000
Western CapeJune 2004
FranceJune 2008
PeruAugust 2009
Dominican RepublicFebruary 2009
PanamaJanuary 2010
GreeceJune 2012
MacauFebruary 2013
SingaporeFebruary 2015
BahamasAugust 2016
BermudaFebruary 2021

Casino Management System "SYNKROS®"

"SYNKROS®" has been a mission critical system for the casino industry for many years and has been installed in more than 400 integrated resorts (IRs), casino locations, and cruise ships worldwide, in markets including North America and Australia.
The system enables casino operators to manage various data and make business assessments, including patron management, slot machine and table game management, security monitoring, measures to uphold anti-money laundering protections and marketing data analytics, all in real time.
The system is continuously updated with new tools and features such as "SYNK31™," an anti-money laundering system (AML).

SYNKROS supports casino operations
24 hours a day, 365 days a year
Available for various services in integrated resorts, including restaurants and hotels

Assisting Education and Human Resources Development
for Further Growth in Gaming Industry

KONAMI has established an industry-academic partnership with the University of Nevada, Las Vegas (UNLV), in the hope of supporting further development of the gaming industry.
UNLV is a state-run university established in 1957, and its International Gaming Institute (IGI) conducts research and provides education on the various aspects of gaming in an advanced way, ranging from casino business to pathological gambling, with a view to educating the future leaders in the gaming industry.
KONAMI makes continued efforts of donating to various worthy causes, such as student scholarships and the expansion of school facilities. This time, KONAMI donated $2.5 million for the construction of the new building "Hospitality Hall" for the William F. Harrah College of Hospitality, an institution with a strong track record of educating notable persons in the field of hospitality, including gaming, tourism and hotels.
The "Hospitality Hall" contains the "KONAMI Interactive Technology Laboratory" that engages in cutting-edge research and educational activities.
Through these initiatives, KONAMI will strive to support the healthy development of the gaming industry even further.

History of KONAMI Gaming & Systems Business

November 1996 Konami Australia Pty Ltd was established in Australia.
January 1997 Konami Gaming, Inc. was established in the U.S.
October 1997 KONAMI obtained licenses in the Australian States of New South Wales and South Australia to manufacture and sell gaming machines.
January 2000 KONAMI obtained a license from Nevada, U.S.A. to manufacture and sell gaming machines.
August 2001 Konami Gaming, Inc. acquired 100% shares of Paradigm Gaming Systems, Inc., with Konami Gaming, Inc. being the surviving company.
June 2005 Construction was completed on new offices and production facility in Las Vegas, Nevada.
October 2005 KONAMI was selected as a supplier of casino management systems in Quebec, Canada, securing a sales contract in the process.
November 2006 Launched progressive jackpot products "Mystical Temple™" and "Quick Strike®" in the North American market.
November 2007 Launched "Advantage5®" five-reel mechanical slot machines in the North American market.
July 2009 Launched next-generation video slot machines in the "Podium®" series in the North American market.
March 2010 Launched innovative slot machines in the "Advantage Revolution®" series in the North American market.
January 2011 Launched "Rock around the Clock" for the "Advantage Revolution®" and "Advantage5®" product lines in the North American market.
September 2015 Construction was completed on the second factory for gaming devices in Las Vegas, Nevada, U.S.A.
March 2017 "Beat Square™", "SYNKROS Dashboards™" and "SYNKROS Offers Management™", recognized in Casino Journal's Top 20 Most Innovative Gaming Technology Awards.
April 2018 Reached an agreement with the world's largest leisure travel company, Carnival Corporation & plc, to install the casino management system "SYNKROS®."
August 2019 "KX 43®", "Concerto Opus™" and "SYNK Vision™", recognized in Casino Journal's Top 20 Most Innovative Gaming Technology Awards.
September 2020 "SYNK31™" and "DIMENSION 49J™" recognized in Casino Journal's Annual Top 20 Most Innovative Gaming Technology Awards.
October 2021 "DIMENSION 49J™" awarded First Place for Best Slot Product in 20th Annual Gaming & Technology Awards.
December 2022 "Konetic™" employee mobile app. named as MarCom Awards Gold Winner, Mobile App/Web App for Business.

Construction was completed on the second factory for gaming devices in Las Vegas, Nevada, U.S.A. (September 2015)

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