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Amusement Business

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Amusement Business

Offering Fun and Exciting Gameplay Experiences
to the World

KONAMI's Amusement Business handles design, production and sales of amusement machines and online game services. Business does not remain domestically in Japan and is actively promoted throughout the world.
KONAMI has continued to fulfill customer expectations with its amusement machines by offering new forms of entertainment experience, such as starting the music game boom and creating new value through online services and multiplatform development of KONAMI content.
In recent years, we have also strived to create new forms of entertainment, including holding of the up and coming esports championships in Japan and around the world.
By leveraging KONAMI content and our expertise gained over the decades of entertainment excellence, we will continue to offer ever more customers fun and exciting gameplay experiences by delivering a rich array of products and services.

"beatmania IIDX 30 RESIDENT"
"Momotaro Dentetsu: Medal Game mo Teiban!"
"Anima Lotta Yume no AnimaLand"

Providing New User Experiences
Through esports

Since 2011, KONAMI has held "The KONAMI Arcade Championship," an official esports tournament to decide the ultimate arcade game players, at amusement centers nationwide as well as in Asia and North America.

"The 10th KONAMI Arcade Championship"

In addition, a professional team play music esports league was established under the name of "BEMANI PRO LEAGUE" and has been held since 2021. "BEMANI PRO LEAGUE" is an esports league in which franchises are owned by various companies and teams play against each other in a league format to win the championship. Players who have passed the KONAMI held pro-test are drafted to sign a contract with individual franchise where they become a professional player.


Furthermore, starting in 2022, "eMAH-JONG MAH-JONG FIGHT CLUB PRO TOURNAMENT," an esports tournament using the online game "MAH-JONG FIGHT CLUB," has been co-hosted with the Japan Professional Mahjong League. Professional MAH-JONG FIGHT CLUB esports players named "eMAH-JONG Pros" selected from the general public engage in fierce competition against professional Mah-jong players from the Japan Professional Mahjong League in tournament format.


Online Connected Service

KONAMI provides entertainment that can only be found at amusement facilities by introducing a unique service that promotes interpersonal communication using "e-amusement" system and other services that connects arcade games online.
In addition, we are working to create a better infrastructure environment that will contribute to the development of the industry through the use of "Amusement IC Card," which is aimed at improving customer convenience by unifying standards for multiple user authentication IC cards used to continuously play network games at amusement facilities.

e-amusement pass
The e-amusement pass card is an IC card for KONAMI amusement games that enables players to save their play data on the server and participate in competitions and events held on e-amusement compatible products.
Compete online with games such as MAH-JONG FIGHT CLUB, Quiz Magic Academy, pop'n music, jubeat and also update various game online.
With a charged PASELI card, players can expand their gameplay without coins and purchasing in-game items.
e-amusement App
The e-amusement App is a communication service linked to KONAMI amusement games, enabling users to post and share screenshots and messages on SNS, as well as view the latest information on updates.
e-amusement site
The e-amusement site is a community site featuring SNS functions (e.g. group bulletin boards) enabling players to communicate with each other across various games.
Players can access the service from other devices (e.g. mobile phones, smartphones and computers) anytime, anywhere.

Multiplatform Development
of KONAMI Content

KONAMI has opened up its arcade game to the mobile game platform, and IPs to pachislot platform for the purpose of increasing touching point for customers to enjoy our content.
We also make ongoing efforts to widen the range of gameplay through the "KONAMI AMUSEMENT GAME STATION" service that makes it possible to enjoy KONAMI's arcade games on PCs and smartphones at any time.
We will continue to carry out multifaceted product development by leveraging the Konami Group's diverse content properties, with the goal of meeting the expectations of fans.

Participation to the First Ever
Professional Mahjong League "M. League"

"M. League" is a professional mahjong league established in October 2018 to make mahjong a competitive sport and to improve its social status. From its inaugural season, we have participated in the league with the team name "KONAMI MAH-JONG FIGHT CLUB" which bears the name of our arcade game "MAH-JONG FIGHT CLUB." KONAMI will further communicate the delight of the game while we promote healthy mahjong.

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