Announcing the New KONAMI MAH-JONG FIGHT CLUB Team
for the M.League 2021 Season


Konami Amusement Co., Ltd. is thrilled to introduce its new KONAMI MAH-JONG FIGHT CLUB team for the pro mahjong M. League 2021 season, which is set to get underway October of this year.

This past July, KONAMI MAH-JONG FIGHT CLUB renewed the contracts of two of last season's players. Then, in the player draft held on August 2, it selected and subsequently signed two new players to the team. This fresh four-player lineup can't wait to hit the tables this season, and they hope you'll continue to cheer them on!

Without further ado, we proudly present the KONAMI MAH-JONG FIGHT CLUB 2021 lineup:

Re-signed players (name/affiliation)
Hisato Sasaki / Japan Professional Mahjong League
Mari Takamiya / Japan Professional Mahjong League

Newly signed players (name/affiliation)
Arisa Date / Japan Professional Mahjong League
Kazunori Takizawa / Japan Professional Mahjong League

We are also proud to introduce the new uniforms for the 2021 season and beyond. If the team ethos of the KONAMI MAH-JONG FIGHT CLUB could be summarized in one word, it would be "attack." However, and this goes without saying, the game of mah-jong involves making both offensive as well as defensive moves with maximum ingenuity.

This is captured in the Chinese expression, "Shū gōng mò shǒu," which describes two individuals, one who specializes in attacking, the other in defense. The name of the defender includes the character for "ink," and this inspired us to create two-tone uniforms, with the white base color representing offense, and the black color representing defense. As a finishing touch, the uniforms feature a traditional ink painting style dragon that embodies the rich history of KONAMI Mah-jong Fight Club and its strong will to persevere.

We are so excited to present these new uniforms that mark the start of what we hope will be a long and successful chapter in the history of KONAMI MAH-JONG FIGHT CLUB.


We're also looking for official supporters for the 2021 season!
Everyone who signs up to be a supporter by October 31 will receive a free official t-shirt.
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Through the continued participation of the KONAMI MAH-JONG FIGHT CLUB team in M.League, Konami Amusement will help create fun and exciting experiences for the ever-growing numbers of both gaming and mah-jong fans.

As for the team, they're busy preparing for the start of the M.League 2021 season. We hope you're as excited as they are!

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KONAMI MAH-JONG FIGHT CLUB is Konami Amusement's professional mahjong team.
It participates in the M.LEAGUE, which was founded in 2018.
The team's name comes from the MAH-JONG FIGHT CLUB games,
a popular series of online competitive mahjong games.


The MAH-JONG FIGHT CLUB series, which first appeared in amusement centers in 2002 and is endorsed by Japan Professional Mahjong League, consists of online competitive mahjong games for players of all skill levels.
Matchmaking is handled according to a player's level,enabling even beginners to jump in and join the fun.
In addition, pro mahjong players regularly participate in online play,giving players the chance to play against real-life professionals!


"MAH-JONG FIGHT CLUB SP" is an online competitive mahjong game for mobile devices. Released in 2013, it is also endorsed by Japan Professional Mahjong League.
In addition to full-fledged Ton, Hanchan and Sanma modes,it features an Ikkyoku mode for quick games on the go.
Simple, intuitive controls ensure that players new to the game can easily enjoy it.


M.LEAGUE is a professional mahjong league established in July 2018 for the purpose of turning mahjong into a professional sport. M.LEAGUERS sign pro contracts with companies, put uniforms on their body and play games for the glory of their team on the grandest stage.

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