KONAMI Launches First Music Game Pro League in Japan



Konami Amusement Co., Ltd. is proud to announce that today marks the launch of "BEMANI PRO LEAGUE," Japan's first esports professional league for music games*.
(*As of November 29, 2019, based on our research)

"BEMANI PRO LEAGUE" is an esports tournament in which companies participate as team owners, and compete in league matches in hopes of winning the tournament with their team.

The inaugural year of "BEMANI PRO LEAGUE" is scheduled to begin in May 2020 and will utilize "beatmania IIDX" as its platform, which celebrated its 20th anniversary this year.

Each team in the league will have 4 pro players. Only players who pass KONAMI's pro test, and sign a contract with a team at the draft, will become pro players.

The season consists of 3 stages: the regular season, the semi-finals where the top 3 teams of the regular season compete and the finals where the top 2 teams of the semi-finals compete. The season runs from May to October for about half the year.

The tournament is scheduled to open at the "esports Ginza studio" in January 2020, and will feature a new kind of entertainment event that combines music and esports.

Konami Amusement will continue to provide new user experiences through "BEMANI PRO LEAGUE," to offer ever more players fun and excitement as participants or spectators.

◆Tournament Overview◆

[2020 Schedule]


[Flow of Tournament]

The season consists of 3 stages: regular season, semi-finals and finals.
In the regular season, all teams play each other 2 times in a round-robin format, and the top 3 teams advance to the semi-finals.
In the semi-finals, 3 teams play each other in a round-robin format, and the top 2 teams advance to the finals.
In the finals, the top 2 teams play each other, and the winning team is determined.


[About the Pro Test]

The pro test consists of document screening, evaluation of technical skills and an interview.
In the document screening, KONAMI will judge performances based on skills and enthusiasm.
Those who pass the document screening will be asked to demonstrate their technical skills at the venue, followed by an interview.

■Entry Qualifications
・Age 18 or older (as of April 2020)
・Resident of Japan

[Participating Companies in Inaugural Year (In Alphabetical Order)]

・Kyowa Corporation
・Leisurelan Co., Ltd.
・MATAHARI Entertainment Co.,Ltd.
・ROUND ONE Corporation


About "BEMANI"
BEMANI is the umbrella brand name for Konami Amusement music games. BEMANI, an abbreviation of "beatmania," began operation in 1997 and was developed as an umbrella brand that now covers Konami Amusement's entire line of music games.
BEMANI PRO LEAGUE is Japan's first esports professional league for music games. Various companies participate as team owners, and compete against each other in league matches.
About the "beatmania IIDX" Series
The "beatmania IIDX" series, which began operation in 1999, is the flagship music game franchise of the BEMANI series.
In this long-running and highly acclaimed DJ simulation game series, players try to keep rhythm with the music using 7 keys and a turntable.

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