The Next Generation of Dance Games Is Finally Here!
"DANCERUSH STARDOM"Out to Amusement Centers


Konami Amusement Co., Ltd. announces that "DANCERUSH STARDOM," a next-generation dance game, has gone into operation at amusement centers nationwide.

"DANCERUSH STARDOM" allows anyone to enjoy Shuffle dancing*1 simply by moving their body according to the onscreen guidance.
The game features lesson stages that teach players the Running Man and other basic moves of Shuffle dancing, enabling even those who have never danced before to jump right in and have fun.

Adding to the excitement, the LEDs on the floor area’s giant sensor panel light up in seven dazzling colors with every step the player takes.
In addition, the original songs and sound effects that pump out of the cabinet’s four speakers (positioned above and below) and woofer are all mastered independently, for a rich aural experience that cannot be found in other music games.

Konami Amusement will continue to develop and publish music games, offering ever more players fun and exciting game experiences.

  • *1 A style of dance in which participants slide their feet to the beat of EDM (electronic dance music).
Publisher KONAMI Release March 23, 2018
Genre Music game Players 1 to 2
Copyright Information ©Konami Amusement Locations Amusement centers nationwide

language :日本語/English