Arcade Quiz Game eSports Tournament QMA Japan Tour 2017 Gets Underway!

Konami Amusement Co., Ltd. announces that QMA Japan Tour 2017, the eSports tournament for arcade game "Quiz Magic Academy: THE WORLD EVOLVE," will commence on Saturday, May 20th.

This event began as a tournament organized by players and retail establishments, but subsequently it became officially recognized by KONAMI and receives its full support. The competition kicks off with the opening round, the Satsuki Cup, organized by KONAMI and held at Konami Card Game Station. This will be followed by match-ups at participating amusement centers and other locations throughout the year, all leading up to the crowning of the Quiz Magic Academy champion.

Top finishers in the Tour score ranking, as well as winners of regional competitions (SG tournaments) endorsed by KONAMI, can participate in the Grand Slam Tournament, which will determine the champion for the year. The champion will be honored with the title of “Kenjin” (Wise God).

By holding this competition as an eSport, we hope more will get the chance to discover what makes Quiz Magic Academy so fun to play, or indeed just watch. We also aim to foster greater interaction between players and retail establishments. Finally, these high-level showdowns will be streamed online as well.

Konami Amusement will continue to introduce the fun and excitement of eSports to an ever bigger audience.

Quiz Magic Academy: THE WORLD EVOLVEQuiz Magic Academy: THE WORLD EVOLVEQuiz Magic Academy: THE WORLD EVOLVE

QMA Japan Tour 2017 Official Website

Title Quiz Magic Academy: THE WORLD EVOLVE
Publisher KONAMI Release Available now
Genre Quiz game Players 1 to 9
Copyright Information ©Konami Amusement Locations Amusement centers nationwide

language :日本語/English