Treasure Shoot - An action ball lottery medal game with intense ball movement!


Konami Amusement Co.,Ltd. Announces today that – Treasure Shoot – has been launched.

This medal game packs in the excitement of firing, flying and bouncing the balls, as they move around in all directions and the action is fun even to watch.
Players can win treasure by playing Bomber Blast mode, where they earn medals by breaking the blocks, or Monster Buster, where they earn medals by defeating a variety of monsters.

This product offers other exciting games as well, including the bonus game Cyclone Chance, where multiple balls fly out of the center of the cabinet and players can score a ton of medals.

"Treasure Shoot" is easy to grasp and fun for all ages, including those who have never played a medal game.

Treasure ShootTreasure ShootTreasure Shoot

Title Treasure Shoot
Publisher KONAMI Release March 9, 2017
Genre Medal game Players 1to6
Copyright Information ©Konami Amusement Availability Amusement centers nationwide

language :日本語/English